This from Q&O’s Jon …
This from Q&O’s Jon Henke:

Make no mistake, if the positions were reversed, Republicans would not hesitate to filibuster some judicial candidates from a Democratic President, and Democrats would not hesitate to change the rules to prevent that filibuster. What is at stake here is not a Senate tradition or principle that is inherently liberal or conservative. What is at stake here is merely power; the only principle involved is utility: Republicans want to install judges who share their ideology; Democrats want to stop them.

Were the Parties involved reversed, there’s no doubt whatsoever that their positions would be as fluid as their circumstances.

Sorry, but the roles have been reversed in the past. If the Republicans had truly thought the filibuster was an option for judicial nominees with majority support in the Senate, it would have happened by now. (How else do you explain Ruth Bader-Ginsberg? >grin<)

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