The riots in Afghani…
The riots in Afghanistan may have been pre-planned.

JERUSALEM – Muslim protests throughout the Middle East regarding a now-retracted Newsweek report that claimed U.S. Army interrogators at Guantanamo Bay had flushed a Quran down the toilet are being organized by anti-Western jihadists and were planned several months ago with the magazine article serving as a convenient trigger, a senior Israeli security source told [WorldNetDaily].

He warned that if not quelled, the gatherings can turn into violent mass anti-American revolts.

“Jihadists have been planting the seeds for quite some time for mass anti-American protests in the Middle East, particularly in Afghanistan and Pakistan, where pro-Taliban elements have been looking for an excuse to revolt against what they see as Western imposed governments,” the security official said. “The Newsweek article was just the excuse they needed.”

I’ve not blamed Newsweek directly for the death (and neither have some other conservative bloggers), but why give these people ammunition with irresponsible journalism?

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