It’s official. Whil…
It’s official. While I’ve been able to do some grilling in the backyard while some of my northern family were still running their snow blowers, I’d count today as the first official grilling of the 2005 season. Just got the pool up again (a liner on PVC piping, nothing much), did the annual repatching of the known holes, and started the process of dumping the requisite chemicals in it to make it swimmable. I have mild Italian sausage on the grill this evening.

I have the usual nature sounds from my woodsy backyard complete with pond (small lake..I dunno, it’s at that awkward size). But along with the chirping of birds, I have the sounds of suburbia; plane flying overhead, a rather low news helicopter at one point, low bass thumping from neighbor’s music, and the occasional train (we’re a couple miles from a rail line).

Well, these sausages cook up pretty quick, so it’s upstairs with them and suppertime. See you back here again.

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