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Via Matt at Stones Cry Out comes a pointer to this interview of Robert P. George, a professor at Princeton and a member of the President’s Council on Bioethics. The interview is a Q&A on stem cell research, and Matt properly identifies the money quote:

We cannot say with certainty that embryonic cells will never prove therapeutically useful in treating other diseases, but as a matter of sheer fact not a single embryonic-stem-cell therapy is even in clinical trials. No one knows how to prevent tumor formation and other problems arising from the use of embryonic stem cells. No one knows whether these problems will be solved or solved before other research strategies render embryonic research obsolete. Like John Kerry, John Edwards, and Ron Reagan, Cuomo is elevating the hopes of suffering people and their families who are desperate for cures and eager to believe that if only embryonic-stem-cell research were federally funded they or their loved ones would be restored to health.

Prof. George also discusses alternate ways to create new cells from that that have already differentiated themselves. He also answers the charge of being anti-science just because he isn’t gung-ho over embryonic stem cell research.

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