A lot of folks have …
A lot of folks have been dissing this NY Times editorial by a woman who, upset with the Koran “abuse” and the Patriot Act, had her frustrations soothed because her keys were picked up by none other than Al Gore. She closes her article:

It was nothing more than a kind gesture, but at that moment Mr. Gore’s act represented all that I yearned for – acceptance and acknowledgment.

There in front of me, he stood for a part of America that has not made itself well known to 10 million Arab and Muslim-Americans, many of whom are becoming increasingly withdrawn and reclusive because of the everyday hostility they feel.

It is up to us as Americans to change how the rest of the world views us by changing how we view some of our own citizens. Mr. Gore’s act reminded me that rather than running away on my treadmill, I needed to keep my feet on the soil in this country. I left the gym with a renewed sense of spirit, reassured that I belong to America and that America belongs to me.

Folks who are joking about this are missing, I think, a big win we can get out of all this.

Ship Al Gore over to Afghanistan and have him pick up Osama bin Laden’s keys. Or his walking stick. Or something. I betcha they’d be hugging and singing “Kum Bah Yah” in no time.

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