While I’ve been trai…
While I’ve been training clients here in Memphis, I’ve had the Fox News Channel on when I get back to the hotel. It’s just been amazing to watch the events unfold over the course of this week and realize how devastating Katrina was to the states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Tonight, two days after the hurricane hit, 1/3 of all Mississippians will be without power. New Orleans is, in many senses, a ghost town; the dead will just have to wait while the living are rescued and cared for. President Bush’s calling this the worst national disaster in our nation’s history may not be hyperbole. It’s difficult to understand how to feel now, and how to respond.

I booked my hotel room before the concerns about Katrina really hit, so I got a room, but if I’d waited I wouldn’t have. All the available rooms were filled with folks escaping the hurricane. Even the waitress at the restaurant I had Sunday supper at left for Tulane early last week but returned last weekend and picked up her job while waiting for the storm to pass. I guess she’ll be spending more time here than she planned.

Over at Stones Cry Out, where I’m one of the contributing bloggers, we’ll be participating in what Glenn Reynolds is calling a “flood-aid blogburst” tomorrow. Check SCO then for information on the charity we’ll be highlighting; The Salvation Army. There are a number of other good charities that NZ Bear has helpfully itemized, and lists the blogs that are highlighting one or more of them.

I’ll be flying home tomorrow evening, so no blogging from me then, but I wanted to at least do my part to get the word out.

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