I saw this article l…
I saw this article last night and thought it would be a great one to comment on. Bill Clinton is breaking with a long-standing tradition of Presidents muting their criticism of their successors. (Well, this happens a lot with Jimmy Carter, too. Maybe it’s just a Republican tradition.) And Bill’s doing it with all the same talking points from the far left that have long been refuted and discredited. Since most of those talking points are about his own administration, it’s even worse; he knows the facts, but he’s deliberately ignoring or lying about them. (And of course, doing all this in front of George Stephanopolous made it all the easier.)

However, Bryan Preston at Junkyard Blog rips this to shreds much better than I could. Run, don’t walk, to JYB.

I wonder, if Hillary were to become President, if Bill would appreciate Dubya second-guessing every move she made. Just asking.

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