What a week to have …
What a week to have been away from the blog! So much went on:

  • The top sellers of arms to Iraq have been Russia, France and China. Imagine that. The US, by the way, ranks way down in the list (1% of Iraq’s purchases vs. Russia’s 57%, France’s 13% and China’s 12%). Hopefully this will quiet those who seem to think America was the prime, if not only, seller of weapons to Hussein. We didn’t hold a candle to the Axis of Weasels.
  • Another human shield admits how wrong he was. He posted a very detailed desciption of his time in Iraq. Best quote: “I had been demonstrating against the war thinking I had been doing it for the very people I was here with now and yet I had not ever bothered to ask them what they wanted.”
  • The anti-war crowd has been saying for months that Saddam didn’t pose a threat to anyone, and now they’re saying (as exemplified by this weekend’s Peter Arnett Gestapo Iraq TV interview) that Iraq is a more formidable force than they’d ever imagined. Can’t have it both ways.
  • Looks like Iraq has at least some Al-Qaeda backing. Does this surprise anyone? (Yes, yes, I mean “except the anti-war crowd”.)

…and a bunch more, but you get the idea. It’s been quite a ride.

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