Dubya’s poll numbers…
Dubya’s poll numbers may be down, but that’s not translating into any help to Democrats. Looks like most of the country is sick of the whole government in general.

A just-released political survey by George Washington University contains bad news for Democrats and Republicans because it lays bare a public seemingly disenfranchised with both major parties.

The Battleground poll – unique for its inclusion of top Democrat and Republican pollsters – shows a definite slide in support for President Bush and the GOP. But the survey contains little good news for Democrats as a viable alternative.

While a Republican retreat in the polls normally means good news for Democrats, there is little evidence Americans are enamored with the opposition party, survey results indicate. On a host of issues – Iraq, homeland security, the economy – Democrats don’t fare much better, the poll indicated.

“There is a real void right now in terms of what the alternative is. And right now, Democrats suffer from the fact that Americans are disillusioned and distrustful of government in general,” Democratic pollster Celinda Lake told Voice Of America. “They tend to be feeling more negative about the Republicans, but not particularly positive about the Democrats.”

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