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Democrat National Committee Chairman Howard Dean urged party members to “restrain their joy” during nationwide celebrations of the 2,000th American fatality of the Iraq war, “out of respect for the untold thousands who have been killed by our troops.”

“These American military dead are not just names on a list,” Mr. Dean said. “Behind many of those names we can feel the loss of the grieving families of Arab freedom fighters who mourn their dearly-departed insurgents.”

Yeah, it’s part of a satire piece from ScrappleFace, but just wait for the big brouhaha Democrats make over the loss of 2000 soldiers in the liberation of 25 million who now have their own Constitution. It will, of course, be couched as a memorial of sorts, but what will remain unspoken is that without those 2000 brave men and women, Saddam would still be in power, people would be dying in Iraq at a rate higher than during the war, and self-government would still be a pipe dream.

UPDATE: Cox & Forkum have a great cartoon on this topic.

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