Ever since getting t…
Ever since getting the podcast set up for Homespun Bloggers Radio, I’ve been getting into the whole podcasting scene. (Well, just a small slice of it, actually. As with most things on the net, once you notice something new, turns out there’s a boatload of if out there already. So it is with my “discovery” of podcasting.)

I downloaded iPodder for Windows (there are also Mac and Linux versions), and I started my way through the forest. I’ve been pulling down money management, a bunch of computer-related ones (my occupation), some Christian music, and some TV-related ones (“Lost” and “Battlestar Galactica”) and, of course, a number of political ones. Some of my favorites are:

I pull down a lot of others, but these are the ones I gravitate to. There are 3 or 4 other political ones (most from the right, but one rebroadcast of a radio show from the left), and of the amateur ones, Shelley definitely does the best. I’m sure it takes more time to put it together (including a good group of clips from TV audio that she’ll respond to), which, I imagine, is why she doesn’t produce them as often as the guys who record their shows from their cell phone.

It’s an interesting decision, going either for better quality and fewer releases vs. quick-and-dirty but more releases and hence more topical. We all have day jobs, so you have to find the time. Putting together Homespun Bloggers Radio is like that only more so. The folks who contribute have to find time to put together their segment, and I have to find time to produce and distribute it. But Shelley does a good job due to breaking things up with the audio clips and with an engaging presentation. A podcast of a guy or three sitting in front of an open mike who are obviously not entirely prepared other than having a topic isn’t a real quality show. Shelley’s got it figured out, though, so give her a listen if you’re looking for someone on the Right for your MP3 player.

(Not to mention that all of our HBR contributors are from the Right as well, although that’s not a requirement by any means. We working on variety.)

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