There’s a good diary…
There’s a good diary (promoted to “article”) on suggesting why Harriet Miers may be the best nominee, given the current climate. The writer, “bamapachyderm”, suggests that Bush may be playing the long game with the Miers pick. Via a plethora of linkage, he lays out the idea that this pick may have been made with an eye to the possible retirement of Justice Stevens. In short, if Stevens saw a die-hard conservative pick for the O’Conner seat, he would be less likely to decide to retire under a Bush presidency. However, if Stevens felt that Bush would choose a moderate, he may be more willing to step down sooner over health issues.

In the comments, “Winter Soldier” gives some further analysis, noting that (among a dozen other observations) of the judges that Bush has picked for the federal bench, there’s “not a single Souter to date!” He even notes how the Miers pick fits Sun Tzu’s methods for dealing with an adversary.

Are Bush and his advisors playing the long game; looking ahead farther that we are? It’s quite possible, and these posts make a strong case for it.

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