You may have noticed…
You may have noticed over to the left that I’ve signed up for the free BlogAdSwap program. It’s an swap program where you show ads on your site while your ads show on other sites. You can (for free) have your blog advertised on other blogs, even choosing what types of blogs to have your ad shown on. When you sign up, you get 500 free displays of your ad, and then for every 2 ads displayed on your blog, yours is shown once on another. If you wish, you can buy more displays of your ad for a pittance ($5 for 10,000), or you can just stick with the free program. Graphically challenged? The main site has a simple graphic creator or they have a group that’ll make one for you ($10 for a text ad, $15 for a graphic one) and if you’re a graphics designer you might want to sign up as a designer as well.

Click-throughs for me are running slightly less that 1 in 100 impressions, which is not bad considering the price. (Did I mention that it’s free?)

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