Yes, blogging has be…
Yes, blogging has been light of late, and it’ll be light for a little while longer. It’s been a combination of big workload and lack of topics that get me the urge to say something about them. The UAE port deal isn’t one that really bothers me (I can take it or leave it, but it is interesting to watch Democrats who are against racial profiling suddenly discover it). I’ve said all I think I want to on the Cartoon Intifada. The Iraq war continues with good new and bad news (the press only covering the latter, as usual). Another liberal teacher compares Bush’s speeches to Hitler’s (big deal; the Left has run out of original imagery). Mostly business as usual thus far.

Next week I’ll be on-site at a client for 3 days, so that’ll impact things as well. So I’m slowing down a bit for now, but the volume should be back up soon enough. Thanks for hanging in there.

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