Mark Steyn’s latest …
Mark Steyn’s latest is a must-read. It’s about how Iran got where it is today and what it may mean if it does go nuclear. It’s rather long but full of historical lessons on what worked, and what didn’t (most notably appeasement), in the past and how to apply it to the present situation. If Western powers are kowtowed when Muslim extremists burn buildings, imagine how timid they’ll be when those folks have a nuke available to them (marked “from Iran with love”). And, as his history lessons show, this antagonism on the part of Iran didn’t suddenly begin when Bush sat down in the Oval Office; they’ve got a long tradition of it. Steyn is under no delusion that dealing with Iran now will be easy by any stretch of the imagination, but dealing with it later will be nigh well impossible.

This short take doesn’t do it the least bit of justice, so I recommend sitting back and taking in the whole thing.

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