Taking the ‘play’ ou…
Taking the ‘play’ out of ‘playground’.

Most adults can remember the carefree days of childhood, climbing trees and jumping from swings, often on schoolyard playgrounds.

Climbing, swinging and sliding was once a rite of passage during recess, a time for adventure, to see how high, how far and how fast we could go as a kid.

Today, kids find themselves grounded, victims of a culture of fear and injury litigation.

A growing number of school districts are going so far as to ban the game of tag and are even posting signs that read “no running on the playground.”

It’s a shame that people are trying to save children mostly from a few knee scrapes. Granted, there are serious injuries that can happen, but does that mean it’s better to places kids in a padded rubber room during “playtime”? No running, no playing tag, no swings, dodge ball, or tether ball? What kind of childhood is that?

And are these same litigious nannies the same ones complaining that our kids are getting obese? You can point the finger at McDonald’s if you like, but that’s rather hypocritical if you deny the kids the chance to get even a little exercise, never mind the social interaction required at early ages.

One more reason to homeschool.

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