I’m considering a bi…
I’m considering a big change to the blog. I had an issue with the Blogger template the other day when I went to add the 9/11 memorial graphic to the sidebar. The editing web page didn’t load the whole template HTML into its editing window, and when I saved it I lost a bunch of the template, including the part that showed the posts!

Did I have a backup? I’m ashamed to say “No”, and I may have to turn in my technogeek credentials. Fortunately, Google cache is my friend. I got a copy of what the page looked like before, and with that and some help from Blogger help pages got it all back up and running. (Though the Site Meter stats have been unusually low since then. Not sure if that’s related, but I think it probably is. Not sure why.)

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to either use a new Blogger layout (the one I use has long since disappears from the predefined templates Blogger lets you choose from) or go to another system. I kinda like the idea of a system that publishes static pages, so that if I move to yet another blogging system I just keep the old pages, not all the old software and its database that generates the the pages on the fly. However, most (all?) of the new software out there, and the one in particular I’ve really enjoyed messing around with (WordPress) are on-the-fly solutions. And especially if I want to have comments without using an external service, on-the-fly is the only way to go.

I’ve also wanted to buy a domain name to make the URL for the blog easier to remember, and thought that I’d do both at the same time, but that’s not a top requirement.

As I said, I’m really liking WordPress, of what I’ve heard of the 5 possible blog software solutions that my hosting software supports. It has loads of themes and plugins to work with, and I’ve been working on importing all my Blogger posts into it so that you can search all the archives from just WordPress. I’ve made sure that all my custom sidebar stuff can be moved over, and there are some nice themes. Comments would become a part of the blog, because I’ve wanted to be able to hear from y’all. I’ve enjoyed (and, yes, sometimes dreaded) comments to posts at Stones Cry Out, where I’m a contributor, and I’d like to try that here. Might make for more return visits, eh? >grin<

Anyway, just to let you know that you may see some changes coming down the pike. Next week or next month or next year? Hard to say, but I’d place my bet as between the latter two timeframes.

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