So much for disarmam…
So much for disarmament.

Hezbollah will retain its weapons in southern Lebanon but its members will not bear them in public, according to an agreement reached yesterday after days of talks between Hezbollah representatives and the Lebanese government.

The Al Jazeera network yesterday reported Hezbollah’s refusal to accept any proposal involving a handover of its weapons to the Lebanese army or to UNIFIL, or allowing the Lebanese army to search its positions. The compromise reached is that Hezbollah would conduct no military activity in the south. There is to be no “show of military arms” by Hezbollah in the south, but only of the Lebanese army and UNIFIL.

Now there’s a “compromise”; keep your weapons, but just hide them better. Thank you, UN

Oh, and don’t forget a shout-out to France.

United Nations officials scrambled to put together the peacekeeping force for southern Lebanon on Thursday after France sent planning into a tailspin when announcing that it would offer just 200 soldiers.

France had been expected to lead the force with several thousand of its own troops.

And among those outdoing France in the peacekeeping department?

Bangladesh also pledged up to 2,000 troops to be deployed in Lebanon.

Once again, the UN decides that something must be done, but they just don’t want to do it, or can’t find enough folks to help out. They’ll put something together, no doubt, and consider it having done their job. Perhaps we should take France off the Security Council and put Bangladesh in their place.

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