No liberal bias in t…
No liberal bias in the media? Not according to long-time journalist Peter Collins, whose career spanned 30 years and many news organizations. According to him:

“[Former ABC News executive producer] Bill Lord had supported me in my coverage of Central America, against the wishes of Peter Jennings,” Collins said. “[Jennings] was unhappy with my coverage because I tried to tell both sides of the story,” he added.

Imagine that; the anchor of a major media news show upset over balanced coverage. Well, no need to imagine, it continues on today.

“Because I presume that Peter Jennings felt that the Sandinista regime, which was a communist regime – no questions about it – were mere benign agrarian reformers … [Jennings] was a believer, was and is,” Collins explained.

Collins doesn’t just cite ABC, but many other organizations, and as far back as the 1930s. But he does see hope in “breaking the monopoly of the establishment news media”,

“If it were not for for Rush Limbaugh, the Washington Times,and Fox News — those organizations, entities, have finally managed to break the dam,” Collins said. “Ph.D. pieces could be written about this subject, dozens of them.”

As Limbaugh has often said, he doesn’t need equal time, he is equal time. Collins would agree.

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