Talk of tax cuts, an…
Talk of tax cuts, and the benefits of them:

  • “We want a signal of revival to go out from this weekend to the people in our country.”
  • “This government is improving the framework for more growth….”
  • “It’s the signal that we want to send to consumers and business.”

A Bush administration official? Nope, Gerhard Schroeder! Even liberals in Germany are conceding the benefits to the economy from tax cuts. Some liberals, though, are chanting the same thing in German as Democrats do here, “How will we pay for them?” Schroeder’s answer is the obvious solution; spending cuts and more capitalism (selling shares of ex-state monopolies). Conservatives in Germany are wanting better ways of reducing that spending that Schroeder, to be sure, but it’s good to see that some “mindshare” is being won by conservatives over there.

Now it’s time for our American liberals to get the wake-up call.

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