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Scrappleface has a devastatingly funny and on-target spoof of last week’s Supreme Court sodomy ruling. If states are not allowed to invade a person’s “privacy” by judging on the morality of what happens in their home, how about overturning the smoking of crack in the home? And I’d add; does this derail the efforts of those seeking to ban smoking in the home?

As Rush Limbaugh put it, the Supreme Court has now placed itself in the position of a super-sized city council. Remember during the 2000 election the hue and cry of the Democrats about subverting the “will of the people”? Well, how about the will of the people of Texas as expressed in their duly elected legislature?

The Supreme Court should be deciding issues of Constitutionality. The sodomy case was instead decided on changing social norms and the same extra-constitiutional “right to privacy” that Roe v Wade was based on. If it’s not in the Constitution, the states may take it up, and it’s up to the people of that state to decide how they want to govern, not the Supremes.

(And no, this does not negate the idea that the Supremes had jurisdiction in the 2000 election. The national election is a national election, and thus has federal laws that govern it. Part of that is ensuring that states follow federal rules on how they are to be conducted, although it helps if the states will start by following their own rules.)

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