Honestly, I have never been tagged with one of the blog memes before, so congratulations to Elementary HistoryTeacher over at (the newly redesigned) “Georgia On My Mind” blog. The tagging requires that I describe where I was in life 30, 20 and 10 years ago (and then tag 5 other people).

1977 – In November, I had just moved to Cleveland, Ohio and started 11th grade at Shaker Heights High School. While there, I got to playing with the one computer available to students, an old HP1000, complete with paper tape puncher for saving & restoring programs. I might still have some of those buried deep in our storage room at home. It was that experience that turned me into the geek I am today. (Or perhaps, as some might see it, I was already a geek just looking for an outlet to express it.) I would sometimes wonder what the year 2000 would be like, how old I would be (wow, that old!) and what my life would be like.

1987 – I was married with no kids and living in Atlanta, Georgia. We were living in an apartment at the time, either soon to move into our first house or a year away from it (I forget these things). I was working for a small company called Quality Consultants, Inc., where I had been employee #9 (if you count all 3 partners and the secretary, Candy (her real name)).

1997 – We had three kids by this time (one more coming 3 years hence), I was still with the same company, though by this time it had been merged with another company, It kept the name at this point, but would change a couple more time in the next 10 years. We were in our first house and making some good friends from church and the neighborhood that we’d have for years.

My problem with retrospectives like this is that, while I remember some events and milestones, I don’t really remember specifically what year they occurred.

In trying to decide who to tag after me, I realized how few fellow bloggers I actually correspond with. I would have like to pick a few that have linked to me often, but couldn’t find an e-mail address for them on their blog to let them know. (And who can blame them, with all the spam these days?)

But I now hereby tag the following lucky winners to spread this incidious meme: Chris from “A Dim Light in a Dark Place”, James at “The Other Athens”, Meryl from Yourish.com (an SNN colleague), and Marc from hubs and spokes.  Enjoy!

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