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The Cybercast News Service has a good article today on how Democrat senators are instituting a de facto religious test in confirming federal judges. Oh, but they’re not saying it’s a religious test, only that…

“According to Senator Schumer, it’s the fact that they ‘seriously hold’ these beliefs that gives them concern,” [dean of the Ave Maria School of Law Bernard] Dobranski observed. “If you’re shallow or superficial in your grasp and beliefs that apparently makes you okay.”

If you’re not serious about your beliefs, then you’re OK, apparently. However, they’re facing a consistency problem.

“His beliefs are so well known, so deeply held that it’s very hard to believe, very hard to believe that they’re not going to deeply influence the way he comes about saying, ‘I will follow the law,’ and that would be true of anybody who had very, very deeply held views,” Senate Judiciary Committee member Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said of Pryor during his June 11 confirmation hearing.

Does this mean the Shumer will now lead the charge to confirm Pryor, now that Pryor (in spite of his deeply held beliefs) followed orders to remove the 10 Commandments monument from the Alabama courthouse? He proved he can and will follow law that he does not necessarily agree with:

Although I continue to believe that the Ten Commandments are the cornerstone of our legal heritage and can be displayed constitutionally as they are in the building of the Supreme Court of the United States, this controversy is no longer one involving a debate in the federal courts. The Supreme Court of Alabama has now spoken and ordered compliance with the federal injunction. Under our Constitution, federal and state courts must respect the orders of each other.

So will Chuck Shumer put his actions and his words in sync with each other? Hold not thy breath.

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