Global warming cause…
Global warming caused by…the sun? According to studies of sunspot activity, it’s certainly a big factor.

For example, between 1645 and 1715 (a period astronomers call the “Maunder Minimum”) the sunspot cycle stopped; the face of the Sun was nearly blank for 70 years. At the same time Europe was hit by an extraordinary cold spell: the Thames River in London froze, glaciers advanced in the Alps, and northern sea ice increased. An earlier centuries-long surge in solar activity (inferred from studies of tree rings) had the opposite effect: Vikings were able to settle the thawed-out coast of Greenland in the 980s, and even grow enough wheat there to export the surplus to Scandinavia.

And you thought glacial melting would destroy all life on earth, eh? Nope, it just allowed farming where it hadn’t been done before, or since. And all without having fossil fuels to blame. How did the human race survive? Listening to the dire predictions of “global warming” scientists, if Greenland was warm enough to be farmed, we’d be goners for sure. Apparently not.

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