From a post at Redstate comes word that a liberal go-to guy for examples of a utopian society is now backing away from, what turned out not to be, the perfect world.  Quoting the Redstate writer "Skanderbeg":

Having run the “progressive experiment” for a few decades, the Swedes have figured out that it’s a dead end that does not work – and they want out.

What are they doing?  Cutting taxes, capping spending and privatizing health care.  What are we doing?  Raising taxes (or coming up with new ones), uncorking spending, and "publicizing" health care.  We’re meeting Sweden on the road going the opposite direction, and they’re telling us to turn back.  Will we listen?

I guess the first question is will they listen.  My underlying issue with public health care is that people will believe, at some point, that they are entitled to it, hence the term used for so many welfare programs; "entitlements".  But a poor choice of terms it is, because it engenders a sort of "right" that doesn’t really exist; your right to my money.  Living in that culture for 30 years, will Swedes let go of class warfare and "soaking the rich" to embrace financial independence?  We can only hope.

I linked only to the Redstate article, because it covers another topic as well, worth reading.  The link to the original article is in there, though.

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