As I’ve said before,…
As I’ve said before, I’m not a really big fan of polls. And that’s not really what this entry is about, so now that we have that out of the way… 🙂

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution conducted a poll on how Georgians rate Bush’s performance in a number of areas. The full results are here, but let me summarize them:

How would you rate President Bush on:
The Environment
Excellent/Good/Fair 72.6%
Poor/Not Sure 27.4%
Excellent/Good/Fair 75%
Poor/Not Sure 25%
Jobs & the economy
Excellent/Good/Fair 58.3%
Poor/Not Sure 41.7%
Foreign policy
Excellent/Good/Fair 70.7%
Poor/Not Sure 29.3%
Excellent/Good/Fair 68%
Poor/Not Sure 32%
Excellent/Good/Fair 80.8%
Poor/Not Sure 19.2%
Health care
Excellent/Good/Fair 66.4%
Poor/Not Sure 33.6%

The worst Bush does among those who give him positive results is about 60%, while over half the areas give him a 70+% mark.

So what’s the AJC’s headline over this? “Georgia leans to Bush, poll says.” Where’s this “lean” bit coming from? Well, another question in the poll asks how these likely Georgia voters would vote in a race between Bush and any Democratic candidate. Bush gets 51.8% while the Democrat gets 38.6. In that one sense, you can say that Georgians only “lean” towards Bush, but in most of the other questions Georgians seem to be pretty solidly on his side.

What liberal media? The liberal media that writes headlines to minimize good results for a Republican, hoping that those who read it will see that and move on to the next story. That liberal media.

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