For some, it takes a…
For some, it takes a longer time to consider things than others. Ten years after Dan Quayle spoke out against the glorification of the single-parent-by-choice situation on the TV series “Murphy Brown” (and getting castigated by the cast and Hollywood in general over it), “Murphy Brown” herself, Candice Bergen, now says that “…his speech was a perfectly intelligent speech about fathers not being dispensable and nobody agreed with that more than I did.” She waits a decade to agree with him? If there was ever a case for discrimination against conservatives in Hollywood, this has to be it. “Free thinkers”? Don’t think so. You have to toe the liberal line, suppress what you really believe, until such time as it’s no longer on the radar and the press (who positively trumpted this “clash” from the rooftops) can be safely counted on to virtually ignore this revalation. Now, Candice is in no danger of being mistaken for a conservative, by any stretch of the imagination. She’s left-wing with the best of them. But one tiny little agreement with a conservative had to be hidden for so long, and one simply has to wonder what the climate in Hollywood must be like to require that.

So everything’s nice between them now, eh? Nope. Later in this micro-article, Bergen, when asked if she’d put Quayle on her new interview show, rejected the idea saying, “I just thought it was better to take the high road there.” Basically, she admits he was right, and she’ll never forgive him for it. Sorry Candy, but when you decide to take that road, you’ll find Danny’s been there, and has a 10-year headstart on you.

See also my essay “Television: Who’s Pushing Your Buttons?”, which discusses liberal inconsistancies in the whole television influence debate.

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