In response to (what was going to be) a mass burning of Korans, the Massachusetts Bible Society decided to take action.

As people of the Book, we are joined to Islam and Judaism in a special way and as an organization that has sought to put that Book into people’s hands for 201 years, we cannot stand idly by while the sacred text of a sister religion is burned as our beloved Bibles once were.

Lest the culture believe that Rev. Jones’ position represents that of all Christians, MassBible is prepared to take a counter action.  For 201 years we have given the Bible to those without access.  In response to Rev. Jones despicable act, we are prepared to give two Qur’ans for every one that Rev. Jones burns.

(Emphasis theirs.)

The Koran burning was called off, but not this effort.  So a Bible society is financing the purchase of Korans for distribution. 


Given what (I hope) the MBS thinks about the Bible (y’know, that it’s true and gives life and eternal hope and all that), why are they handing out the text of a religion that they are trying to convert people away from?  I think of missionaries in Islamic countries, who fear deportation at best or physical persecution at worst, watching a Bible society working directly against them by spreading the words of the Koran rather than words of Life. 

But that’s not all!  Guess who’s cheering them on?  Duane Shank, senior policy advisor at … (wait for it) … the Sojourners!

While the Quran will no longer be burned, it seems to me that this response followed in the steps of Jesus, showing love and respect where others were showing hatred. It is a strong witness for what Christians should be showing to our neighbors.

By tying the millstone around their neck lovingly and tossing them over the cliff into the sea, we’re showing love and respect.


Is this really what Wallis and the Sojourners hold up as an example to follow?  Why are we pushing them further from Jesus the Messiah?  How, in the name of all that is eternal, is that in any way loving?  A cup of water, a meal, a school in the name of Christ is loving.  Bringing people to a saving knowledge of Jesus is loving.  Supplying them with their own brand of heresy and idolatry is not loving. 

If the Sojourners and the Massachusetts Bible Society really believe that Christianity is true and Islam is false, they have an awful way of showing it.  My respect for both as purveyors of the gospel of Jesus Christ has gone way, way down.

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