The government of Canada decides who lives and who dies.

LONDON, Ont. — The Ontario parents of a dying baby boy say they will not give their consent to have him removed from life-support, despite a court’s order, as they try to hold out so he can be transferred to a hospital closer to home.

Baby Joseph Maraachli had been scheduled to be taken off life-support Monday morning.

The 13-month-old child, who is in a vegetative state, has been at the London Health Sciences Centre in Ontario since last fall. His parents have said they want to bring him home to die surrounded by family, not in a hospital.

Father Moe Maraachli said Monday that, on the advice of the family’s new lawyer, he and his wife, Sana Nader, are not consenting to have Joseph’s breathing tube removed, despite the ruling of a Superior Court judge last week and a January decision of the Consent and Capacity Board of Ontario.

Call it what you want — "Consent and Capacity Board", "Death Panel" — it is the logical result of what happens when the government is running your healthcare.

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