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When CBS chairman Les Moonves decided not to show the miniseries “The Reagans”, his reasoning what that he had determined it was biased. One might think that this would be the death knell for those who thought that the media was liberal, when in fact it made a supposedly principled decision to remove a one-sided look at a political figure.

However, the president of Showtime, where the miniseries will eventually run and which is owned by CBS, doesn’t think it’s that simple:

“If [CBS Chairman Leslie Moonves] didn’t know what movie he was getting, that’s not the fault of the producers, the director or anyone associated with the film,” said Robert Greenblatt, president of entertainment for Showtime Networks, in a telephone news conference yesterday with TV critics.

“Anybody that knows anything about networks and the making of movies . . . [knows] all scripts are approved, all dailies are seen, so, therefore, there were no surprises.

“[Moonves] is the chairman of CBS and the scripts, the casting, every single day of dailies [were] available to him,” said Greenblatt, who was not associated with “The Reagans” until Nov. 4.

So Moonves knew, or should have known, how slanted this show was far earlier than when he feigned surprise over it. So no, principle hasn’t come to CBS. It’s just that this bit of bias was finally, successfully, fought back against.

Next time, Les will just be less obvious about it.

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