Bill Clinton has a g…
Bill Clinton has a great idea on how to end the North Korea arms crisis:

Former US President Bill Clinton yesterday said Washington should offer food and energy supplies to North Korea in return for access to its laboratories to help resolve a crisis over the North’s nuclear program.

Oh yeah, that really worked well last time. In 1994, Jimmy Carter got them to say they’d freeze their nuclear program in exchange for aid like this. And of course we can take the word of a tyrant, can’t we?

Now they’re back, holding a bomb in the air, threatening to drop it, unless we do the Jimmy Carter Tango again (but this time, it sounds like Bill wants to lead). And, for some reason, Bill thinks that doing the same thing will really work this time. Given the same situation, he wants to do the same thing, and somehow he expects a different outcome. This is patently insane, but it is how government works (This new program didn’t work? Give it more money!) and may explain why Bill was such the consummate politician.

Clinton continued, “I don’t believe that North Korea wants to drop a bomb on South Korea or Japan. I think what they want to do is eat and stay warm.” Well yeah, that and continue to coerce it out of us until such time as we won’t take it anymore.

Too much communism, not enough (or any) capitalism. That’s the problem in North Korea. Giving into their demands like some spoiled brat will not break them of their bad behavior. Instead, it will reinforce it, and then we become their enablers.

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