Spinsanity has a goo…
Spinsanity has a good treatment of the whole “imminent threat” brouhaha. They examine the evidence from both sides (when the Bush administration specifically avoided calling Iraq an “imminent threat”, as well as what it calls “extremely few instances” when they suggested that it might be), and this is their conclusion:

As we have pointed out before, many of the arguments for war made by the Bush administration were deceptive or false. However, critics who make it appear that the Bush administration’s case relied primarily on claims of an imminent threat distort a more complex argument that painted Iraq as an intolerable, but not imminent, threat. Those unfair attacks do not make it legitimate for Bush supporters to jump on any critic who uses the phrase, however, or claim that nobody in the administration ever suggested Iraq could pose an “imminent threat.” Complexity is not an excuse for cheap shots from either side.

Basically, the administration, with precious few slips, did not portray Iraq as an imminent threat, and that distorted attacks by either side are inexcusable.

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