So do they or don’t …
So do they or don’t they exist?

SOFIA, Bulgaria (Reuters) – Iraqi foreign minister Hoshiyar Zebari said Thursday Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction had been carefully hidden, but he was confident they could be discovered.

“I have every belief that some of these weapons could be found as we move forward,” Zebari, an Iraqi Kurd, told a news conference in Sofia. “They have been hidden in certain areas. The system of hiding was very sophisticated.”

Former chief U.S. weapons hunter David Kay said Wednesday “we were almost all wrong” about the issue and it was “highly unlikely that there were large stockpiles of deployed militarized chemical and biological weapons” in Iraq.

But Zebari, on a visit to Bulgaria, said: “We as Iraqis have seen Saddam Hussein develop, manufacture and use these weapons of mass destruction against us. He hasn’t denied that.”

Zebari was apparently referring to the use of chemical weapons by Saddam’s forces against Iraqi Kurdish villages in the late 1980s.

This reiterates what I said to the E-mailer suggesting the certainty of WMDs in Iraq was none“. Zebari may be right, and we just haven’t looked in the right places (it is a huge country). Kay may be right, and Saddam may have just been hoodwinked by his weapons guys. But there’s no doubt that WMDs had been used in the past. That alone pushed the certainty gauge much closer to Zebari.

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