The Cato Insitute pu…
The Cato Insitute put forth a number of good ideas on government reform in light of the Enron/Global Crossing/WorldCom/etc.etc. debacles, and given the reaction of so many congressmen and pundits on boths sides of the aisle. If they’re really concerned about pensions, those glass-house-living politicians need to first examine their own state of affairs before throwing rocks (via legislation) at the CEOs of the country. Fact is, right now they’re far, far worse off than Ken Lay ever was. The problem is still that government is way too big. All the good intentioned programs out there have served to make it completely unmanagable. More programs and more legislation are not the answer. That’s what got us there in the first place.

The Constitutional limitations on federal government are still the best ideas yet. The solution is still smaller government.

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