Andy Roony blasts Me…
Andy Roony blasts Mel Gibson.

My question to Mel Gibson is: “How many million dollars does it look as if you’re going to make off the crucifixion of Christ?”

Does anyone know if he asked that same question of Martin Scorsese about ”The Last Temptation of Christ”? I’m just asking.

Well, OK, I’m doing more than that. I’m betting that either it didn’t even show up on his radar or he was apathetic about it. I guess it’s OK to make movies based on religious figures that make no pretense of accuracy, but try to be true to the text and the detractors come out of the woodwork. I’d really like to find out what, if anything, Rooney said back then and compare it to now. A search of turned up nothing, and Google was no help either.

I’d be very interested to find this, but I gots my suspicions.

(A Considerette Thank-You to Don Sensing for linking to this post. His point is true: “But Doug, don’t you understand? The double standard is the standard from certain commentators.”)

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