I agree with the mor…
I agree with the morning guy Tom Hughes on WGST that the Super Bowl halftime show, with or without Janet Jackson’s exposure, was pretty much a freak show passed off as entertainment. I’d also agree with him that we don’t need to go back to “Up With People”, to be sure, but there’s got to be a happy medium here. However, for those of you who were offended to have you or your children watch the R-rated halftime show, Howard Dean has some advice:

Howard Dean, a physician and a Democratic presidential candidate, on Monday dismissed as “silly” a government inquiry into whether indecency rules were broken during the broadcast of the Super Bowl halftime show when pop diva Janet Jackson’s bodice was ripped to expose her right breast.

In the culture war, it’s pretty clear what side he’s on. Wonder if he’s president, will he be doing a “Timberlake” on his interns?

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