The Georgia House ha…
The Georgia House has voted to put the constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages on the November ballot, with 122 votes (just 2 more than required).

[Republican Rep. Bill] Hembree said that even though Georgia already has a law prohibiting gay marriage, activist judges could strike down the law in court. He noted that judges in other states, including Massachusetts, have struck down such laws.

The people of Georgia see what is happening around the country, Hembree said. Let them be a part of this national debate by voting their conscience.

Precisely. Judicial activists have raised the bar, and we have to rise to meet that (or get rid of said judges) if the will of the people is to mean anything.

Rep. Karla Drenner (D-Avondale Estates), the only openly gay legislator in the Georgia General Assembly, spoke after Hembree.

It is important for me to put a face on this, Drenner said. I think it is important to ask who it is we are actually talking about. For those of you who say it is not about me it is about me and thousands of others who are just like me.

…including polygamists, NAMBLA members, etc. etc. Oh, you may not consider those folks to be just like you, but they will be on your coattails, whether you like it (or know it) or not.

Rep. Alisha Thomas-Morgan (D-Austell) gave a fiery speech in which she asked why legislators were spending time discussing the same-sex marriage when people are looking for jobs and deep budget cuts in education and health care are being proposed.

Why bother discussing whether or not laws (on marriage, or education, or health care) are of any use? The same judges overturning state laws may just turn their eyes on your pet issues next. While same-sex marriage is the issue here, there is another, much larger issue at stake; may judges run roughshod over the legislature? I hope, Rep. Thomas-Morgan, you don’t think they should. If not, that is very much a topic worth discussing.

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