You’d think that Tim…
You’d think that Tim Robbins would want his peace activism to be taken seriously, and who knows, maybe this play he wrote was, in his mind, intended to do that. However, reviews from all across the political spectrum have been panning his play “Embedded”.

The play portrays three groups of individuals: U.S. soldiers, embedded journalists, and a cabal of war managers in Washington (who wear funny masks) with giveaway names like Rum Rum, Dick, and Woof. A certain female rescued soldier is called “Private Ryan.” Journalists sway to swing music while attending a military press conference and generally go along with the Pentagon line.

Rush Limbaugh once said that for satire to work, there has to be an element of truth in it. Looks like Mr. Robbins needs to learn that lesson. But first, he has to find out what the truth is, I imagine, rather than putting his stereotypes to paper and swing music.

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