We return with anoth…
We return with another “Considerettes Radio” entry, this one dealing with the kerfuffle over 9/11 imagery in the recent Bush political ads. I talked with Kim Peterson about the report on Right Wing News (which I mentioned by name, you’re welcome John >grin<) that 5 of the 6 folks in an AP report on outrage over the imagery had an axe to grind with Bush, and two of which actually campaigned for Kerry. I added that I’d heard on the WGST morning show with Tom Hughes (whom Peterson refers to as “The King” and plays a trumpet fanfare whenever his name (or title) is mentioned–you’ll hear it) that a member of the Firefighters’ Union called to say that, Jeff Zack’s and Harold Schaitberger’s protestations notwithstanding, the union itself has used 9/11 imagery in it’s materials.

“Considerettes Radio” on The Kim Peterson Show (WGST, Atlanta, GA) 3/5/2004 6:17pm EST (272K)

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