Was September 11th A…
Was September 11th America’s fault? Well if you believe that, then was the recent bombing of a Bali nightclub Austrailia’s fault? As of now, 30 Austrailian citizens died in that bombing and 160 are missing. 190 compared to the Austrailian population (19.5 million) is roughly proportionate to the 3,000 who died on 9/11 compared to America’s population. (And the 9/11 deaths were not all U.S. citizens.) So the Bali bombing could be considered Austrailia’s 9/11.

Prior to this, as Clive James notes in the Guardian, Austrailia pundits blamed America for the 9/11 attacks, because of our behavior in the rest of the world. Now, (not so) amazingly, they’re starting to change their tune.

It’s so easy to pontificate from the outside, isn’t it? And from the inside, I wonder if the ‘blame America first’ crowd is ready to blame Austrailia now. (Answer: Hold not thy breath.)

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