Heard the latest “Me…
Heard the latest “Memogate” news, detailing how liberal special interest groups manipulated the Democrats to filibuster Bush’s judicial nominees for their gain? No? Well then you must be reading The New York Times or The Washington Post or any other liberal media outlet. The Washington Times and Fox News, derided by liberals as shills for conservatives, have reported it as has CNS News, but, as CNS points out, no one else has.

The apparent lack of interest has left conservative groups in the nation’s capital baffled.

Some see it as a double standard. Kay Daly, president of the Coalition for a Fair Judiciary, said the story would certainly produce headlines if Republicans were accused of doing things that allegedly took place between Democrats and liberal interest groups.

“If Republicans even had the slightest taint of any kind of judge shopping or case fixing or influence peddling,” Daly said, “how fast do you think the New York Times would print something on that?”

Oh yeah, in a New York minute.

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