Clayton Cramer notic…
Clayton Cramer noticed that I have a tendency to post about global warming and he pointed out some posts of his from the past dealing with the subject. Worth reading.

  • Item 1, wherein it is pointed out that vast swings of temperature have occurred without cars or oil companies to blame. He also notes that Mars seems to have been affected by its own global warming, casting further blame on the Sun itself.
  • Item 2, wherein an article that presents evidence that the Sun is at least partially responsible for global temperature changes gets, oddly enough, short shrift in the press.
  • Item 3, wherein further evidence is examined noting many different cycles of solar intensity and sunspots and their correlation to global temperature changes.
  • Item 4, wherein today’s temperature changes correlate with, amazingly enough, an increase in the Sun’s radiation since the late 1970s.
  • Item 5, wherein we learn that Earth and Mars are currently having similar temperature changes, suggesting that both are between two ice ages.

Yet global warming alarmists want to send world economies into upheaval on the off chance we can do anything to change this. Not likely.

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