On Thursday, April 1…
Candle 1Candle 2On Thursday, April 18th, 2002 I dipped my toe into the waters of what I thought was just a small creek, but it turned out to be a massive ocean; I joined the blogosphere. Yet I was late to the party once again. (Story of my life.) Nonetheless, while my blogging “career” began with fits & starts (“Post every day? I’m not that prolific.“) it has gotten a bit more regular and a lot more fun.

I’ve gotten that rush from getting linked by Instapundit. (Not once but twice!) The National Review’s “The Corner” gave me a link a while back. I even got mention in an UPI article about blogging (which was a classic case of being in the right place at the right time; pure luck.) Hugh Hewitt recently noticed me posting audio clips of my calls to him. (And there are more clips over to the left under “Considerettes Radio”.) But a number of other bloggers have linked me along the way, and I’d like to thank those of you who have noticed this little corner of the blogosphere (most notably (i.e. most often) JunkYard Blog, Right Wing News, One Hand Clapping, Clayton Cramer, and a new friend of mine marcland.) You’ve helped bring this humble blog from an Insignificant Microbe to a Crawly Amphibian (in the TTLB Ecosystem, that is).

But this is a blogiversary, and to celebrate we’re going to have a party! Yes, right here on the net we’re going to have a full-blown birthday party. There may even be some prizes in it for you.

  • First, we’ll go out and play a game of miniature golf. If golf’s not your game, I’ve reserved a few lanes at the local bowling alley.
  • Then, what kind of party would it be without a game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey? (I got pretty darn close on my first try. Pity the donkey’s leg, though.)
  • If you want to pop the party balloons, you may. (Just remember those things aren’t cheap these days!)
  • How about a little indoor Paintball? Never played that at a party before, I’m betting.
  • Now the ice cream. First, find out what ice cream flavor you are (I’m mostly Vanilla, 33.3%, with Butter Pecan and Chocolate Chip right behind with 22.2% each). Then stop by either Baskin-Robbins or Ben & Jerry’s for free ice cream! (OK, you may have to wait just a few days for it.)
  • You may have already won a free birthday cake! OK, maybe not, but you could win a birthday cake here (if you live in Chatanooga).
  • What would a birthday be without presents? For you, no less! Fill up your goodie bags right over here.
  • Before we leave, let’s turn out the lights and listen to spooky stories on the radio.

I hope you had fun at the party. Don’t forget your goodie bag, and hope you’ll continue to stop by in the coming year.

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