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Considerettes Radio appears again on the Hugh Hewitt Show. Hugh had played some John Kerry clips, including one that disparaged the idea of turning sovereignty to the Iraqis on June 30th, saying that the date was artificial. Other callers had said that we couldn’t turn over the governing of Iraq while there was so much instability. I thought, however, that if we don’t turn it over on that date, it’ll be Madrid all over again.

(Note to Hugh: Thanks for the compliment.)

“Considerettes Radio” on The Hugh Hewitt Show (WGKA, Atlanta, GA) 4/7/2004 6:50pm EST (190K)

UPDATE: Ever luvin’…a link from the man himself! (Semi-permalink here. I think that when it scrolls off, it’s gone for good.) (Update within an update: Permalink is here.)

THE TECHNOLOGY IS AMAZING: My broadcast finished about an hour ago. Soon thereafter I discover that a blogger-caller has figured out how to post his call to the program for his visitors to hear. An impressive call, Considerettes, and an impressive display of wizardry.

(Aw shucks, a little ol’ Perl script and a couple of programs that capture audio streams, running under Linux. And as I said when I first contemplated this, it may be kinda’ vain, but no more so than having a blog. >grin<)

Morning glory, Hewitt listeners!

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