Now here’s an intere…
Now here’s an interesting thing to consider: The ozone “hole” over Antarctica, that place where the ozone is thinner than other places, has shrunk and split. It’s total size is at about its circa 1988 area. Well that’s good to hear, but here’s where it gets interesting. According to NASA, the main reason this is happening is…warmer air! The warmer temperatures reduced the formation of clouds that harbor the ozone-zapping clorine and bromine, and thus the ozone recovered.

Now, if you want to believe that global warming is happening (and caused primarily by man) then you have to see this as good news. Global warming isn’t the problem, it’s the solution! OK, maybe that sounds silly, but at the very least one must add this to the list of items that show that the planet can, in fact, deal with oddities thrown at it. Where it’s warmer, the foliage grows faster, taking even more carbon dioxide out of the air, and cooling things down. It happens naturally all the time. And now we have more observable evidence that the earth isn’t such a passive, fragile system some environmentalists make it out to be. It’s pretty sturdy and durable.

Make sure to watch the broadcast news this week to get more information on this wonderful news. As in-depth as they cover it when the ozone “hole” expands, they’ll certainly devote at least as much time to when it shrinks, right?


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