Apologizes to my reg…
Apologizes to my regular readers (both of you) for the dearth of posts of late. Work and personal demands have been higher of late, and (no offense intended, but) they get priority. It’s a temporary condition, but I’ll still at least try to get something in each day, even if it is, like today’s, a round-up of things I’d like to comment on but haven’t had the time.

We’ll start with the attack on an Iraqi wedding recently. Civilian casualties are always something to be avoided, and are tragic when they happen. A wedding party, a time of great joy, is especially so. For some good information on this event, the Belmont Club has a great post, starting with a bit of Iraqi history that is pertinent. It also has a good in-depth analysis of the disparity in reporting on this event.

I have an entry in this week’s “Carnival of the Vanities”. This is always a great place to find new bloggers (whether or not I’m in there. >grin<)

Given how bad the news has been out of Iraq, you’d think Bush’s numbers should be tanking, but they’re merely slipping, if that. John Hawkins does the electoral numbers, and if the election were held today, not only would Bush win, but by a bigger margin than in 2000!

Go read Cox & Forkum. Just do it. I’ve always loved the political cartoon medium, and these guys are spot on.

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