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John Hawkins at Right Wing News has a good post on a topic that I’ve been emphasizing as well. His comment is “It’s not too late to stop gay marriage, but the clock is ticking“.

Quite frankly, today may turn out to be one of the low points in the entire history of our nation. The beginning of the end of the relevance of marriage, the building block of our society.

Today, gays are getting married, soon polygamy will follow. Heck, if you ask me, you can make a better case for polygamy than you can for gay marriage. In fact, if Andrew Sullivan wanted to marry three wives instead of another man, we’d probably be complaining about Utah legalizing Polygamy today instead of Massachusetts putting their stamp of approval on gay marriage.

But, give it a couple of decades and we’ll have people marrying the dead as they do in France, animals as they do in India, and you might as well throw adult siblings into the mix because that won’t be far behind. Of course, advocates of gay marriage, most of them at least, will deny that. But, hasn’t that always been what Americans have been told as they were dragged kicking and screaming down the slippery slope towards gay marriage?

Eventually, as marriage becomes totally debased and meaningless except as a method to get gov’t benefits or insurance, most people won’t bother to get married and we’ll see skyrocketing crime and drug use, single mothers mired in poverty raising their kids, and all the other ills befall our society that go along with illegitimacy.

If all these things happened overnight, it would be easy to get people to understand what the problem is with gay marriage. However, because all of these events will take time, years, and in some cases decades to manifest, it’s difficult to impress how urgent it is to fight against gay marriage right now.

His point about polygamy is worth noting. One of the arguments against same-sex marriage (one that Michael Medved often uses) is that children adopted into that marriage are essentially in a fatherless or motherless home, and study after study has concluded that a 2-parent, mother-father family is in all ways better for a child–emotionally, psychologically, any way you can name–than a single-parent family. This is not to disparage single moms or dads, but that’s just the way it is. In polygamy, you could make a case, then, that both genders are, in fact, represented and thus children would get all the benefits of a mother-father family, something that same-sex marriage can not provide. If the latter is legal, then (“for the children”) shouldn’t the former be even more desirable?

Up until now, while marriage was generally understood to be between one man and one woman, recognition of polygamy as legitimate by the state or federal government wasn’t even an issue. However, once you stray from that, when the definition becomes fungible, and regardless of the intent of same-sex marriage advocates, the result will be no definition of marriage. This isn’t crystal ball speculation, it’s an inevitable progression.

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