Bush’s campaign atta…
Bush’s campaign attacked John Kerry’s patriotism yet again, another in a long line of…

Oh…wait…sorry, I got that mixed up.

President Bush’s campaign on Friday criticized the wife of Democratic candidate John Kerry for calling Vice President Dick Cheney “unpatriotic” while defending her husband’s service in Vietnam against critics who had avoided the military.

“This political line of attack is offensive and should be stopped,” Bush-Cheney campaign chairman Marc Racicot said in a statement.

Although they have questioned Kerry’s Senate votes on defense and foreign policy, neither Bush nor Cheney has commented personally on his service in the Navy during the Vietnam War. Bush served stateside in the Texas Air National Guard during the war while Cheney received five deferments from military service.

In an interview with Telemundo, NBC’s Spanish-language network, Teresa Heinz Kerry said, “To have a couple of people, who escaped four, five, six times and deferred and deferred and deferred calling him anything regarding his service is in and of itself unpatriotic. Unpatriotic.” NBC’s “Nightly News” aired part of the interview Thursday.

Said Racicot: “Every time the discussion focuses on John Kerry’s Senate record of voting against weapons systems, voting against support for troops in the field or his positions on both sides of critical questions of national security, his campaign falsely claims that his patriotism is being attacked.”

When Bush’s camp takes Kerry to task for his voting record, Kerry’s camp alleges they’re attacking his patriotism (and then cheerfully ignore the substance). But how in the world will they spin Kerry’s wife actually calling the VP “unpatriotic”? This ought to be good.

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