UN Weapons Inspectio…
UN Weapons Inspections: Day 1: Iraq is surprising folks by wanting to grant the press more access to covering the inspections than the UN would like. This from a country that has, according to the AP article, one of the most restrictive press policies in the Middle East.

This could mean that either Iraq really doesn’t have any WMDs, or that they do and either they hope the UN will be reluctant to have it shown on live TV that their trust of Iraq since 1998 was misplaced, or Iraq believes it’s hidden their WMDs pretty darn well and can trust the UN not to balk when Iraq tells them where they aren’t allowed to inspect. There may be other reasons, but the point is that the possibility that Iraq is being completely open and honest is, given their history, highly unlikely. This gives one pause to question their motives in giving press freedoms that they never have before.

Keep watching.

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