Same-sex marriage ad…
Same-sex marriage advocates prove, by their actions, that they don’t intend the issue to be a “states’ rights” issue at all. They want a federal mandate, or a reasonable facsimile.

The long-anticipated legal battle to extend gay marriage to couples who live beyond Massachusetts borders begins today, as two suits challenging a law barring those couples from marriage are filed in Suffolk Superior Court

Yesterday, in the same hotel ballroom where seven other plaintiff couples gathered to celebrate the November Supreme Judicial Court ruling granting them the right to marry, a new group of same-sex couples stood on the stage. All eight plaintiff couples in the new case are from out of state. Some were granted licenses and married in Massachusetts. Others were refused license applications because they are not residents of the state and would not swear an oath that they intend to reside here.

Governor Mitt Romney and Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly say a 1913 law forbids same-sex couples from other states from marrying here. The marriages of same-sex couples granted marriage licenses in defiance of their orders will not be recorded by the state, Romney has said.

This has never been in dispute (outside of those same advocates denying it). That is why there must be a federal answer to this. They are choosing the battlefield, and then they complain that they’re being met on that very battlefield.

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